The Treehouse Eyes Story

Treehouse Eyes was borne out of a simple question asked by co-founder Dr. Gary Gerber, OD: “Why do we continue to simply compensate for myopia in children with stronger glasses when we now know we can slow or even stop it from getting worse?” From this question, Treehouse Eyes was created with a simple purpose: give children better vision for life.

The team behind Treehouse Eyes includes leading optometrists and ophthalmologists involved in research and clinical practice, prescribing the treatments that form the basis of the Treehouse Vision System for over twenty years. Between them, these doctors have helped thousands of children by improving their vision today and reducing their risks of serious eye diseases associated with higher myopia.

Treehouse Eyes has grown across the U.S., with eye doctors focused on treating childhood myopia to give children options their parents never had. In addition to clinical excellence, Treehouse Eyes practices have a commitment to be a nurturing and positive space for parents and their children.

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