Daytime soft contact lenses

It’s alarming to note that more and more children are affected with myopia, a disease that causes the individual to see objects near to them clearly and objects far from them blurry. In fact, statistics have shown that up to one in three children are currently facing this issue. It should come as no surprise that myopia can hinder a child from enjoying a good quality of life, as vision impairment can result in poor self-confidence, prevent a child from being fully independent, and many more. Studies show that early intervention in children can slow or even stop the progression of myopia through a variety of proven treatments. 

About Our Daytime Soft Contact Lenses

As the name suggests, our Daytime Soft Contact Lenses are meant to be worn during the day at school and in various activities.. During the evening when they’re about to head to bed, they should take off these contacts. What makes our Daytime Soft Contact Lenses one-of-a-kind is their optical design, which is specially crafted to provide clear vision during the daytime, yet slow down the progression of myopia at the same time. Before prescribing these contacts, your child would undergo a consultation with one of our licensed Treehouse Eyes doctors.. The consultation takes about an hour, during which the doctor would perform several tests, ask questions about your child’s medical history, and discuss various findings before eventually deciding on a suitable treatment plan.

Benefits of Our Daytime Soft Contact Lenses for Kids

By wearing our Daytime Soft Contact Lenses, your child no longer has to depend on glasses to have clear vision during the daytime. We understand that at times, glasses can be an inconvenience for activities like sports and other vigorous activities. As such, our contact lenses not only allow your child to see clearly but also be free from the hassle of wearing glasses. In addition, our Daytime Soft Contact Lenses, like all our other products, are FDA approved, ensuring safety and effectiveness. Our doctors would also follow up in subsequent consultations to ensure that your child is doing well and our Daytime Soft Contact Lenses are comfortable for their eyes.

Choose Treehouse Eyes for Myopia Care for Kids

Treehouse Eyes only has one mission from the start, and that’s to ensure all children have a clear vision to enjoy a better quality of life. With this goal, Treehouse Eyes has provided solutions for a wide range of vision issues.

To find out more about our myopia care and treatments for kids, click here to find your nearest Treehouse Eyes provider and schedule a consultation today.