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Your Treehouse Eyes doctor will review your child’s risk factors and take additional measurements not usually done by other eye doctors to determine the best myopia treatment plan for your child.


Treatment can start immediately, with flexible monthly payment plans. Your Treehouse Eyes doctor will customize a plan for your child and family to get the best possible results.

Myopia Epidemic

Childhood myopia rates are increasing. Many researchers believe reduced outdoor time and increased screen time on devices are part of the problem. Myopia often leads to struggles in school and activities for your child due to poor vision, as well as increased eye disease risks.
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Number of Myopic children in the U.S.

Proven Myopia Treatments At Treehouse Eyes

There are now non-surgical treatments to improve your child’s vision now and reduce their long-term eye health risk associated with myopia. Treatments include customized contact lenses and prescription eye drops, your Treehouse Eyes doctor will recommend a personalized treatment plan for your child.