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Watch and read stories from parents and children just like yours who share their experience with Myopia treatment at Treehouse Eyes.

Sima shares why she started myopia treatment for her three children.

Rosie talks about the benefits of overnight lenses for her daughter.

11yo Eva shares the benefits of being free from glasses.

16yo Syona talks about the benefits of myopia treatment

Anita shares about her journey to find a solution for her daughter’s worsening vision.

Isaac shares about how myopia treatment has helped him with his passion for tennis.

Santochi shares the benefits of myopia treatment at Treehouse Eyes.

Why not use regular glasses for treating myopia?

Glasses only compensate for your child’s blurry distance vision, they don’t stop their vision from continuing to deteriorate. So, while glasses help your child see clearly, they don’t treat the underlying issue—an eye that is growing too long. Manufacturers are working on eyeglasses that also can be used to slow the progression of myopia in children, but currently these are not available in the United States.

Real Results - Families share their Treehouse Experience


"We found a miracle here! Our daughter’s vision is perfectly fine and she doesn’t wear any glasses."



"Enjoying our third year as happy Treehouse Eyes clients, keeping Myopia at bay."



"So blessed Treehouse Eyes started this life-changing work to treat Myopia"



"Last night Jack was -3.25, this morning his vision is 20/20 without glasses or contacts."