An increasing number of children suffer from myopia, a disease where a person can see items close to them clearly but those far away are hazy. In fact, studies reveal that up to one in every three children is affected by this problem. Myopia can reduce a child’s quality of life, as visual impairment can lead to low self-esteem, a lack of independence, and other issues. It's critical to correct myopia as soon as possible so a child can see clearly, and treat the underlying disease so the eye does not continue to grow too long. This can be accomplished in most cases by using contact lenses or prescription eye drops. As myopia is caused by an eye that is growing too long, our range of treatment plans are individually tailored to your child and help prevent the issue from worsening. Below are a few of the corrective solutions we offer at all Treehouse Eyes locations.


Child-friendly daily disposable contact lenses proven to slow the progression of nearsightedness in children aged 8-12 at the initiation of treatment.1*


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ACUVUE ® Abiliti™

Abiliti™ Overnight lenses are orthokeratology contact lenses that help manage myopia.1 Worn overnight, they temporarily reshape the cornea, allowing clear vision during the day without glasses.2 Each lens is specifically designed to fit the unique shape of each person’s eye.

Learn more about Abiliti™ Overnight lenses. 

About Our Overnight Contact Lenses

Treehouse Eyes’ Overnight Contact Lenses are specially designed to be worn only in the evening as your child goes to bed. As such, our Overnight Contact Lenses should be worn during sleep and taken out in the morning before your child prepares for the day. Specifically called KIDS Lenses, these lenses are custom-made for each child to gently and comfortably reshape the cornea, which is the clear front surface of the eye. It’s incredibly important to ensure that our Overnight Contact Lenses are tailored to each child as everyone’s eye shape is different. If the lenses do not fit a particular eye shape, the eyes may get infected by a corneal abrasion. As such, at Treehouse Eyes, each child will undergo a consultation to receive his or her very own lenses that are fitted to their unique eye shape. Studies have shown that myopia progression can be slowed dramatically and, in some cases, stopped through this treatment in children.

Benefits of Our Overnight Contact Lenses for Kids

Since our Overnight Contact Lenses are meant to be worn at night during sleep, this means that your child will be wearing these contacts at home. No longer do you have to be worried that the lenses go missing outside, and your child need not fret over the potential risk of the lenses dropping when engaging in outdoor activities. If your child wears our Overnight Contact Lenses, otherwise called KIDS lenses, diligently every night, you’ll find that there’s no need for glasses or prescription contacts during the day, as your child can see clearly as he or she goes about the day in school, partaking in activities without any issue.

About Our Prescription Eye Drops

After a comprehensive assessment of your child, our doctors may recommend a prescription eye drop to treat myopia. This drop can be formulated at different concentrations that our doctors determine may best work for your child. As everyone’s eyes are different, our doctors would recommend your child a specific time to apply our Prescription Eye Drops.

Our consultations are personalized for each child and use state-of-the-art equipment to come up with a tailored treatment plan. While there will always be risks involved with any medical treatments, our doctors ensure these risks are minimized by having follow-up sessions and monitoring your child’s treatment progress.

Benefits of Our Prescription Eye Drops for Kids

Our Prescription Eye Drops are suited for children who wear glasses or contact lenses during the day. If you would prefer your child to rest their eyes during the evening or simply worry that your child may not be ready for contact lenses, our Prescription Eye Drops are a good alternative. Our doctors would usually recommend Prescription Eye Drops for children who are showing a rapid progression of myopia. This is because many studies have shown that eye drops can significantly slow down the progression of myopia by around 50% to 60%. However, that number is relative to each individual.

Choose Treehouse Eyes for Myopia Care for Kids

From the beginning, Treehouse Eyes has only had one mission: to guarantee that all children have good vision so that they can have a better quality of life. As such, we strive to provide various treatment plans for a wide spectrum of vision difficulties, from childhood myopia to offering cutting-edge medical choices.

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