Porter Ranch

Treehouse Eyes utilizes cutting-edge technology to design a personalized treatment plan for your child in neighborhoods such as Porter Ranch. Treehouse Eyes’ goal is to provide children with healthy eyesight for life. Non-invasive therapies include personalized contact lenses and prescription eye drops. Our Treehouse Eyes doctor will determine the optimal treatment plan for your child at your initial consultation. Continue reading to learn more about our non-surgical myopia treatments in Porter Ranch, California.

About Porter Ranch

The pandemic has triggered a wave of myopia, with hours of online lessons done on computer monitors as the only method of education. Nestled in the hills and among greenery, families residing in the exclusive Porter Ranch neighborhood are also impacted. According to a recent survey, 44 percent of kids in the United States spend four hours a day on tech devices, which is roughly double the rate before the pandemic. Increased screen time and decreased outdoor time contribute to a rise in the prevalence of myopia, presbyopia, or impaired distant vision in children aged 5 to 18.

Overnight Contact Lenses in Porter Ranch

The first method is KIDS (Keratometric Induced Dioptric Steepening), which involves the use of a custom night contact lens. The KIDS lenses are worn during nighttime and removed in the morning. They function by gradually shaping your child’s cornea. We custom-make each lens for every child, sending signals to each eye to control development. Another significant advantage of this strategy is that children can have 20/20 vision without glasses or contact lenses during the daytime, eliminating worries about breaking eyeglasses or misplacing contacts while they are away from home.

Daytime Soft Contact Lenses in Porter Ranch

The second option is to use a personalized soft corrective lens during the day. Such lenses are worn most of the day and removed during nighttime, where they are discarded or cleansed. These operate in the same manner as our KIDS lenses, in that they alter the way the light hits your child’s retina, but they must be worn for the method to be effective. This therapy is perfect for active kids who dislike wearing eyeglasses, and also older kids who follow lens maintenance and cleaning regimens.

Prescription Eye Drops in Porter Ranch

Another non-invasive therapy option is Atropine, a prescription eye drop that has been demonstrated to slow the progression of myopia. The purpose is to prevent the eyes from growing excessively long, allowing myopia to be treated. One drop is usually placed in the child’s eye before bedtime. This therapy is advised for younger kids who are not yet ready for corrective lenses, for those whose myopia is fast-growing, or when used in conjunction with lens treatment.

Choose Treehouse Eyes for Myopia Care for Kids

Our Treehouse Eyes specialists have helped thousands of children improve their overall vision and minimize their risk of significant eye problems associated with myopia, making them among the most experienced and successful in the country. When compared to no therapy, children who underwent our patent-pending Treehouse Vision System® treatment regimen saw a 78 percent reduction in myopia development.

To find out more about our myopia care and treatments for kids in Porter Ranch, click here to find your nearest Treehouse Eyes provider and schedule a consultation today.