Night-time Lenses Q&A from Kaitlyn and Leah

Parents often ask us if it’s a problem getting their kids used to night-time lenses. It isn’t and now we have this equally compelling and adorable kid testimonial to explain it all.

Popular YouTuber, Kaitlyn, from Kaitlyn and Leah is a recent convert to night-time lenses and she decided to dedicate one of their videos to a special Q&A session about her experience. The questions are from their channel’s fans posting to the video comments.  The answers are all Kaitlyn. See what we mean – click the image to view on Youtube.

We recommend watching it with your child and sharing with other parents of kids with myopia. It’s a great demonstration of how easy and effective night-time lenses can be in controlling myopia in the eyes of our young kids. Our favorite answer to viewer’s question is Kaitlyn letting kids know – “yes it works and I love not wearing glasses or contact lenses during the day!”

Night-time lenses are just one of the revolutionary treatment methods we use at Treehouse Eyes. Other methods include custom designed daytime contact lenses and prescription eye drops.

To learn more about how we can customize a treatment program for your child please reach out to schedule an appointment here.