Myopia Didn’t See This Coming

According to yet another study “short-sightedness could be eradicated in children through the use of night-time contact lenses that promote the formation of healthy eye shapes while they sleep”.

As noted in this ScienceAlert article reporting on the UK study’s publication, the research involved a three-year trial of more than 300 children and “produced some remarkable results – none of the participants who wore the soft lenses at night over the course of the trial experienced any detrimental changes in their vision.”

The article quotes an author from an earlier study of myopia control techniques in China saying, “Parents who are worried about myopic progression in their children now have a viable option. Orthokeratology has been shown to effectively slow the progression of myopia in children.”

At Treehouse Eyes, these specially designed lenses are one of the primary methods we apply to slow or even stop myopia from progressing in our young patients’ eyes. Dr. Andrew Morgenstern, Treehouse Eyes Medical Director,  explains how and why it works – “these lenses are specially designed contacts that a child easily puts in right before bed. They sleep in the lenses and simply take them out in the morning. The goal of this and our other treatment options is to actually halt the progression of nearsightedness.”

As our patient families – as well as studies like the one reported here – attest, these treatments do work to slow and even stop myopia’s progression in the eyes of our growing kids. For more information about myopia control please visit our page here. To schedule an assessment for your child, we invite you to contact us here.