What You Can Do

The Golden Age of Myopia Prevention

Recent research points to a golden age for kids between 4 and 8 when the increased outdoor playtime has a very high correlation to reduced or even prevented myopia in later childhood. Read our coverage and link to the research report here.

“Myopia – Finally something we can do about it!”

Dr. Gerber, OD (Treehouse Eyes co-founder), interviewed by VSP, the nation’s largest vision health insurer weighs in on myopia epidemic: it’s bad and getting worse. But, in their interview with Dr. Gary Gerber, OD, Treehouse co-founder, we learn “there’s something you can finally do about it.” Read our coverage and link to the VSP article here

Myopia Control – Now!

In this recent editorial from the Journal of the College of Optometrists the author surveys the research and results of myopia control efforts. After reviewing some modest successes with spectacle lens correction, he suggests that the three most recent advances – night-time contact lenses (other K), soft multi-focal daytime lenses and atropine – represent the “future of myopia control, now”. Read our summary and link to the editorial here.

Night-time Lenses – Kaitlyn and Leah Q&A 

Here’s a great shout-out to night-time lenses from the popular YouTuber Kaitlyn, from Kaitlyn and Leah, in a special Q & A video on their channel.  Our favorite answer is Kaitlyn saying, “yes it works and I love not wearing glasses or contact lenses during the day!”

Night-time contacts for kids – “Myopia Didn’t See This Coming!”

As the headline in this report of a recent UK study of 300 kids implies, the battle against myopia progression has taken a dramatic turn recently, as study after study shows therapies like orthokeratology (ortho-K) slowing and even stopping myopia’s once inevitable progression. Read how ortho-K is proven, once again, to “promote the formation of healthy eye shapes while children sleep”. Read our recap and link to the report here.

Myopia Prevention – From Evidence to Practice

In this recap (with link to original article) we share key take-aways from an informative Healio Article offering guidance to doctors and parents of young kids about the key to successfully myopia control is early assessment and intervention.

Atropine Meta Research Study Demonstrates its Efficacy in Myopia Control 

We recap and link to a recent meta research study showing atropine’s revolutionary potential for slowing and even stopping myopia’s progression in young children. Read our coverage and link to study here.

Science Alert article on Eradicating Myopia with Ortho-K Treatment

Informative article from Science Alert investigating how “short-sightedness could be eradicated in children” through use of night-time contact lenses, also known as Ortho-K for orthokeratology. Read our overview and link to the full article here.

NCBI Meta Research Shows Success of Atropine Treatment in Children with Myopia

One of the most successful treatment options available to our Treehouse Eyes patients is atropine. Our recap of a recently published “meta research study”, which analyzed twelve separate studies including almost 900 children combined, shows why. What’s equally intriguing about their findings is the ethic skew in atropine’s treatment efficacy. Read our story and the full research report here.