West Haven, Connecticut

West Haven, Connecticut

Good eyesight is integral to your child being able to enjoy a happy, healthy and meaningful childhood. From keeping us safe to allowing us to fully participate in activities, the importance of a clear vision cannot be understated. Your child needs good eyesight to be able to carry out their daily activities, whether it’s at school or play. While myopia can develop at a young age, there are treatment methods to prevent it from being debilitating to your child. We specialize in non-invasive myopia care and are dedicated to helping you and your child maintain a high level of eye care through our treatment programs. Curious to hear more? Read on to find out more about our non-invasive myopia care in West Haven, Connecticut.

Overnight Contact Lenses in West Haven, Connecticut

If you think that your child is ready for contact lenses but are not quite sure that they are up to the commitment of daytime contact lenses just yet, you can start with overnight contact lenses. These are recommended for active children who may not have the time or patience for daytime contact lenses at their current stage in life. Your child can simply pop their overnight contact lenses in at night and then remove them in the morning to enjoy clear vision throughout the day. It’s fuss-free!

Daytime Soft Contact Lenses in West Haven, Connecticut

However, older children who have demonstrated a strong sense of responsibility can start wearing daytime contact lenses. If your child has shown that they are capable of caring for their belongings and maintaining a high level of hygiene throughout the day, we recommend that they utilize daytime soft contact lenses. You may want to monitor your child to ensure that they are capable before you start them out with these contact lenses.

Choose Treehouse Eyes for Myopia Care for Kids

The use of non-invasive treatment methods when it comes to eye care holds great importance at Treehouse Eyes. We believe that achieving a better vision for your child should be as safe and comfortable as possible. At Treehouse Eyes, our specialists provide comprehensive assessments and identify the best treatment option such as personalized contact lenses and prescription eye drops for your kid right from the start. Your child can start to enjoy their improved vision quickly and lead the lifestyle that they wanted! If you are thinking of getting prescription eye drop, read about our prescription eye drop disclaimer here.

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