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New Jersey

Having good eyesight is an essential part of leading a happy, healthy, and meaningful childhood. Being able to see the world clearly helps your child enjoy the many activities that make childhood meaningful and enriching. From learning in school to playing with other children, to relishing the natural world around them, having clear eyesight is integral to their childhood development. It also keeps them safe in their surroundings. Because we believe in the importance of helping children see well, we have a dedicated team available to guide you through the treatment programs that would best help your child through their myopia. Intrigued to find out more? Continue reading to learn about our non-invasive myopic treatments in New Jersey.

Overnight Contact Lenses in New Jersey

For children who prefer to have their eye care taken care of overnight, overnight contact lenses are the ideal solution. Your child simply has to pop these contact lenses into their eyes at night and remove them in the morning. This will ensure that they have crystal clear vision throughout the day without actually having to wear lenses as they go through their daily activities. Overnight contact lenses are most suitable for active children who participate in various events and activities that prevent them from cleaning their contact lenses properly, or who find it difficult to make the time to wear them during the day.

Daytime Soft Contact Lenses in New Jersey

For older children who have demonstrated that they can be responsible and can take care of themselves, daytime soft contact lenses would be the preferred choice. Daytime lenses require your child to have a high level of hygiene in order to prevent eye infections. Before letting your child move on to daytime lenses, monitor them to determine that they are responsible enough to begin using daytime soft contact lenses.

Choose Treehouse Eyes for Myopia Care for Kids

Our personalized contact lenses and prescription eye drops are non-invasive treatment methods. Using non-invasive treatment methods will ensure that your child will go through minimum discomfort to achieve better vision. Our specialists provide comprehensive assessments and identify the best treatment option for your kid right from the beginning, further reducing any discomfort. Your child will not have to spend long periods waiting for a good diagnosis and treatments with Treehouse Eyes – they can, instead, use the time saved by enjoying their improved vision straight away! If you are thinking of getting prescription eye drop, read about our prescription eye drop disclaimer here.

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