Myopia Care in West Hollywood, California

Myopia Care in West Hollywood, California

Choose Treehouse Eyes’ tailored treatment regimens that employ cutting-edge technology to enhance your child’s eye health. Treehouse Eyes’ mission is to guarantee that children grow up with healthy eyesight. Surgical procedures can be frightening, especially for young children. As a result, we employ non-invasive eyecare therapies such as prescription eye drops and personalized contact lenses. Continue reading to learn more about myopia treatments in West Hollywood.

About West Hollywood, California

The epidemic has increased the use of electronic devices among the American people. This is particularly troubling for the younger generation, whose eyes are still maturing. According to a poll of children aged 5 to 18, around 44 percent of respondents use these gadgets for four hours per day, which is rough twice the rate pre-pandemic. As a result of such extended exposure to electronic screens, the West Hollywood neighborhood has seen a rise in eye disorders such as myopia, presbyopia, and impaired distance vision.

Overnight Contact Lenses in West Hollywood, California

Keratometric Induced Dioptric Steepening (KIDS), a tailored night contact lens, is the first solution. The KIDS lenses should be worn at night and removed when you wake up. They function by gradually reshaping your child’s cornea. They are individually tailored to each child’s needs and will send signals to the eye to control its growth. They’re ideal for kids since they won’t have to worry about ruining their glasses or misplacing their contacts.

Daytime Soft Contact Lenses in West Hollywood, California

A second approach, a set of tailored soft contact lenses, can be used instead. These contact lenses, unlike the KIDS lenses, are to be worn throughout the day and removed at night, enabling clear eyesight during your child’s waking hours. The soft lenses aid by changing the way light strikes your child’s retina. This is an excellent technique for youngsters who dislike wearing glasses or for older children who can handle lens upkeep.

Prescription Eye Drops in West Hollywood, California

The final non-invasive therapy we can offer is prescription eye drops, often known as Atropine. This eye drop combats myopia by lowering the chance of your child’s eyes developing too quickly. Every day, a single drop should be applied to each eye at the time prescribed by our eye specialists. It is the suggested treatment for younger children who cannot tolerate corrective lenses or for slowing the progression of rapidly increasing myopia. It can be used with corrective lens therapy.

Choose Treehouse Eyes for Myopia Care for Kids

Treehouse Eyes’ purpose is to offer children access to innovative kinds of eye treatment so that childhood myopia can be corrected. We have helped thousands of youngsters improve their overall vision over the previous two decades. There is a strong possibility of correcting myopia, especially if your kid receives therapy early; children who had our patent-pending Treehouse Vision System® treatment experienced a 78 percent decrease in myopia development as compared to children who did not receive any treatment.

To find out more about our myopia care and treatments for kids in West Hollywood, California, click here to find your nearest Treehouse Eyes provider and schedule a consultation today.