Myopia Care in Bellevue, Washington

Myopia Care in Bellevue, Washington

At Treehouse Health, our doctors use the most up-to-date clinical training and equipment to detect myopia. With a mission to help children gain better eyesight, our non-invasive treatments such as customized contact lenses and eye drops will improve your children’s eyesight and overall quality of life.

About Bellevue, Washington

Bellevue is located in the Eastside region of King County, Washington, and is known to be the third-largest city in the Seattle metropolitan area.

Amid the pandemic, most children are forced to attend lessons at home, and that meant using a computer almost every week. This online learning situation is common for families in Bellevue. With elevated screen times, children are more vulnerable to myopia. According to the American Optometric Association, nearly 40 percent of the US population has some degree of myopia. However, myopia in children is severe to the point where it is considered an epidemic. It can be caused by genetics, looking at materials up close, or not spending enough time outdoors.

Overnight Contact Lenses in Bellevue, Washington

The first treatment would be the KIDS (Keratometric Induced Dioptric Steepening) contact lenses. These lenses are intended to be used exclusively before bed and removed in the morning. These lenses are customizable and help to reshape the eye’s front surface gently and painlessly during the night. These lenses are made to fit and are intended to help slow the progression of myopia. Parents prefer this treatment as they would not have to worry about their kids losing them. KIDS lenses also have the added benefit of allowing your children to see clearly without the use of glasses or contacts during the day.

Daytime Soft Contact Lenses in Bellevue, Washington

This treatment is similar to the KIDS lenses however, the contact lenses are intended to be used only in the morning and to be removed at night. These lenses offer a unique optical design that slows myopia progression while allowing your child to retain clear vision throughout the day. This treatment eliminates the need for your child to wear glasses throughout the day and also offers exceptional vision and comfort to your child while they do their activities.

Prescription Eye Drops in Bellevue, Washington

The third treatment option would be this prescription eye drop that is made to a precise concentration and proven to slow the progression of myopia. You should ensure that your child applies these drops before going to bed. For this treatment, your child would have to wear either contact lenses or glasses to be able to see clearly during the day. This treatment is ideal for parents who are unsure whether their kid is ready for contact lenses, for younger children, or for children whose myopia is progressing quickly.

Choose Treehouse Health for Myopia Care for Kids

Our purpose at Treehouse Health is to provide children with a better vision for life. Our specialists have assisted thousands of children to improve their vision and lower their risk of significant eye illnesses associated with myopia as we are the first health care practice solely devoted to treating myopic children.

To find out more about our myopia care and treatments for kids in Bellevue, Washington, click here to find your nearest Treehouse Health provider and schedule a consultation today.