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Childhood myopia is a progressive type of short-sightedness that can implicate a child’s vision when they are in their growing years. The vision problem may worsen throughout their childhood if no proper treatment is given. Through non-surgical treatment methods that we offer at Treehouse Eyes, children struggling with myopia can have their vision corrected to stabilize their vision condition as they advance in age. Learn more about our myopia care in Maryland and help your child better manage their vision problem.

Overnight Contact Lenses in Maryland

Myopia is caused by a combination of environmental and genetic factors which may progress with age. For parents with myopia, their children have a greater risk of developing myopia whereas other factors like childhood illnesses and close work may also influence the degree of the condition. Treehouse Eyes offers overnight contact lenses which are ideal for younger children. Parents can help their children to put on the lenses before bedtime and take them out after the child has woken up. The parents will be in charge of cleaning and storing them so the child can participate in various activities throughout the day without any risk of experiencing discomfort.

Daytime Soft Contact Lenses in Maryland

If myopia is not treated from an early age, the vision problem can become worse. For older children who wish to stablize their myopia, Treehouse Eyes has daytime soft contact lenses that are easy to put on. The child will not feel uncomfortable wearing them, hence the lenses will not hinder their movement or performance throughout the day. Older chlildren are also relatively known to be more responsible. They are able to adhere to proper handling and removal procedures that are important for the proper upkeep of the contact lenses.

Prescription Eye Drops in Maryland

For children who prefer not to wear any contact lenses at all, or for parents who worry about the safety of their child, Treehouse Eyes also has prescription eye drops. The eye drops are used like any other eye drops which can be applied in a matter of seconds. Since eye drops do not need to be cleaned or maintained, they are convenient and safe for children. Eye drops are also highly portable so they can be used for travels.

Choose Treehouse Eyes for Myopia Care for Kids

At Treehouse Eyes, we strive to help children with myopia correct their sight so they can achieve a higher quality of life. We have non-invasive myopia care treatments that have been proven effective in helping children slow down the progression of myopia. Their myopia will be kept as low as possible so as to reduce the risk of eye complications that can threaten the child’s vision as they grow older. Our team is made up of myopia care experts who have had years of industry experience. We will assess each child to determine their risk factors before recommending the most effective type of myopia care treatment.

To find out more about our myopia care and treatments for kids in Maryland, click here to find your nearest Treehouse Eyes provider and schedule a consultation today.