Hackensack, New Jersey

Hackensack, New Jersey

Good eyesight is integral in leading a childhood that is happy, healthy, and meaningful. When your child can see the world clearly, they not only are able to keep safe but will be able to enjoy the various activities that make childhood so enriching. Whether they’re learning in school, playing with others, or simply going about their daily activities, having good eyesight is key to your child’s development. As one of our five senses, our sense of sight is definitely not something that we should neglect! We believe in the importance of having children see well, and so have developed a dedicated team that will help guide you through treatment programs that would best help your child through their myopia. Intrigued to find out more? Continue reading to learn about our non-invasive myopic treatments in Hackensack, New Jersey.

Overnight Contact Lenses in Hackensack, New Jersey

While a beautiful city on the verge of a renaissance, Hackensack is still prone to some of the drawbacks of being an urban environment. While cities are dynamic and exciting places for families, they tend to have grit and dirt in the air. Thus, it is important that your child be able to maintain a high level of hygiene if they wear daytime contact lenses. If your child participates in many activities that prevent them from cleaning their lenses properly, or have not reached an age where you feel comfortable letting them wear daytime contact lenses, overnight contact lenses are the solution. Your child can simply put on their contact lenses at night and take them out in the morning. They can have clear vision throughout the day without having to use contact lenses.

Daytime Soft Contact Lenses in Hackensack, New Jersey

However, for older children who have demonstrated a sense of responsibility, daytime contact lenses are often preferred. If you have monitored your child and have determined that they are able to take care of themselves and maintain high hygiene levels, opt for daytime soft contact lenses.

Choose Treehouse Eyes for Myopia Care for Kids

At Treehouse Eyes, our specialists work hard to provide you with comprehensive assessments and identify the best treatment option for your kid right from the start. We use non-invasive treatment methods such as personalized contact lenses and prescription eye drops for your child to achieve better vision. Your child will be able to start having an improved vision right away with us! If you are thinking of getting prescription eye drop, read about our prescription eye drop disclaimer here.

Looking for more information about our myopia care and treatments for kids in Hackensack, New Jersey? To find your nearest Treehouse provider or schedule a consultation, simply click here.