Why Myopia matters: the link to eye disease


For most people myopia (blurry distance vision) is a nuisance easily fixed with glasses or contact lenses. While myopia can be easily compensated for to see clearly, what most people don’t realize is myopia significantly increases the risks of serious eye diseases such as retinal disease and glaucoma. Now that there are effective treatments to slow down or even stop the progression of myopia in children, we should no longer just accept progressive myopia as a fact for our kids.

A recent article in Healio quotes Dr. Judy E. Kim, MD, who is a professor of ophthalmology at Medical College of Wisconsin. Dr. Kim states that “By 2050, half of the world will have myopia….and this increases the risk of retinal tears and detachments, and also other conditions.” Dr. Kim was part of a joint ophthalmology-optometry symposium on myopia where the implication for public health of unchecked myopia was the focus.

Education is critical to early intervention and, where needed treatment. Our Myopia Resource Center keeps up with the latest information about myopia, and use our Make An Appointment feature to find a Treehouse Eyes provider in your area.