New USA Today article details the rise in childhood myopia


Another great article today appeared in USA today detailing the rise of myopia in children. This article interviews parents whose children are becoming nearsighted earlier and faster than their parents. The article correctly discusses lack of outdoor time as a driver for earlier onset of myopia, and more near work (reading, screen time) also playing into this massive increase. See the full article here .

While researchers continue to look into the exact causes behind the rise in childhood myopia, what is known is we can now treat myopia. Parents no longer have to just watch as their child gets stronger glasses every year. The article discusses treatments we use frequently at Treehouse Eyes, including customized contact lenses and prescription eye drops. The key is for parents to intervene early, taking their child in for a comprehensive eye exam and discussing treatment options and goals.

Parents can now do a risk assessment for their child at to see their risk of developing progressive myopia. This helps parents to know if their child is at risk and take action. Like most medicine, early intervention is the key to helping your child.