Myopia Management Demands Ophthalmologists’ Attention – Dr. Vance Thompson

Treehouse Eyes is proud to have clinical advisors who include some of the world’s leading eye doctors involved in research and clinical care for pediatric myopia. Dr. Vance Thompson, an internationally recognized specialist in Laser Vision Correction and Advanced Cataract Surgery, recently published an article in Healio discussing the need for ophthalmologists to start paying attention to the growing demand for myopia management, as well as building awareness of the epidemic in the eye care community

As a leading international researcher, Dr. Thompson has played a key role in the development of the most advanced technologies and techniques for both laser and implant vision correction. He has served as the medical monitor lead or principal investigator in over 55 FDA-monitored clinical trials studying laser and implant surgery.

“As ophthalmic surgeons, we tend to be justifiably focused on surgery. However, it remains critical to stay abreast of developments in all areas of eye care, such as myopia management, so we can provide our patients with the best care, as well as offer advocacy, support, and education throughout our communities.” – Dr. Vance Thompson, M.D.

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