Helping Your Kids Develop Healthy Eye Habits

Children nowadays spend more time looking at screens and less time outside playing. What’s worse, the COVID-19 pandemic has upheaved our lives and forced us to spend more time indoors. The ramifications are not just isolated to rising obesity rates. Research has shown that a decrease in daylight could actually change the ways that a child’s eyes develop, resulting in a myopia epidemic that mirrors the obesity crisis.

It is thereby of utmost importance to encourage your children to develop healthy eye care habits to prepare them for the rest of their lives. Here are some of the ways to help your children develop healthy eye habits.

Bring Your Kids for Regular Eye Examinations

Regular eye exams are of the utmost importance for ensuring that your child’s eyes are healthy. Not only can it help you to give you peace of mind, but the visits to the optometrist will also help to set a good example for your children by encouraging them to be more careful of the way they look after their eyes and reminding them of the importance of eye care by an actual eye care professional.

Encourage Your Kids to Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses are crucial in protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It should be worn whenever there are sun rays it is important to instill the healthy habit of wearing sunglasses into your children. You could do this by setting a good example yourself and cultivating the habit of wearing sunglasses whenever it is sunny outside.

Talk to Your Kids About Eye Health

Eye care should be talked about from a young age so that they can start cultivating good habits early, especially if your family has a history of vision problems. It is best for health problems in the family to not be a taboo subject and be talked about openly from a young age so that your children can have a decent understanding of how to protect themselves from myopia. This will also encourage them to take good care of their eyes and to administer good eye hygiene.

Cultivate a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is also crucial in terms of maintaining eye care. Besides that, it can also help to build up their immune system and grow strong and healthy. It is important to educate your children on the necessity of vegetables, nuts, and oily fish in boosting eye health. This could help them to reduce their chances of suffering from myopia.

Let TreeHouse Eyes Help You Manage Myopia

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