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With kids finally out of school, now is the time for parents to think about their child’s eyes and vision. Most children massively increased screen use during COVID-19, increasing their risk of myopia (blurry distance vision). Myopia traditionally has been thought of as a nuisance, easily corrected with glasses or contact lenses. However, as this […]

Tips for kids and screen use

Updated May 12, 2020

Parents are dealing with kids using an unprecedented amount of screens during this time. While we can’t stop online learning, there are some proven tips that can help your child use screens in a way that reduces the impact on their vision and eye health. In addition to the tips below, we always recommend kids […]

Kids across the country have started distance learning due to COVID-19. Many concerned parents have asked about the impact of more screen time and less outdoor time on their child. Parents know that outdoor time is good for kids–studies show outdoor movement helps in many areas of childhood development. We know that more outdoor time […]

Parents know that outdoor time is good for kids–studies show outdoor movement helps in many areas of childhood development. A recent analysis of 23 clinical studies confirms outdoor time helps children’s vision as well. Getting kids outdoors more is proven to be the most beneficial thing we can do to prevent or delay the onset […]

Can you prevent myopia in your child?

Updated January 30, 2020

The dramatic rise in childhood myopia (blurry distance vision) in recent years has driven robust discussion over the cause.. This article in Economist about myopia in China shows just how mainstream this topic has become. Parents seeking myopia treatment for their child at Treehouse Eyes often ask what they can do for younger children . […]

For most people myopia (blurry distance vision) is a nuisance easily fixed with glasses or contact lenses. While myopia can be easily compensated for to see clearly, what most people don’t realize is myopia significantly increases the risks of serious eye diseases such as retinal disease and glaucoma. Now that there are effective treatments to […]

Another great article today appeared in USA today detailing the rise of myopia in children. This article interviews parents whose children are becoming nearsighted earlier and faster than their parents. The article correctly discusses lack of outdoor time as a driver for earlier onset of myopia, and more near work (reading, screen time) also playing […]

One of the many reasons to bring your child to Treehouse Eyes for myopia treatment is our technology. Customizing a treatment plan unique to each child requires the latest technology to map the front surface of the eye, take pictures of the back of the eye and determine the length of the eye (axial length). […]

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