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For most people myopia (blurry distance vision) is a nuisance easily fixed with glasses or contact lenses. While myopia can be easily compensated for to see clearly, what most people don’t realize is myopia significantly increases the risks of serious eye diseases such as retinal disease and glaucoma. Now that there are effective treatments to […]

Another great article today appeared in USA today detailing the rise of myopia in children. This article interviews parents whose children are becoming nearsighted earlier and faster than their parents. The article correctly discusses lack of outdoor time as a driver for earlier onset of myopia, and more near work (reading, screen time) also playing […]

One of the many reasons to bring your child to Treehouse Eyes for myopia treatment is our technology. Customizing a treatment plan unique to each child requires the latest technology to map the front surface of the eye, take pictures of the back of the eye and determine the length of the eye (axial length). […]

Case study: Year 2 results for swimmer KH

Updated November 11, 2019

By Dr. Kevin Chan, O.D. FAAO KH is a 9-year-old girl of Indian descent who came to Treehouse Eyes for myopia (nearsightedness) treatment in December 2016 and recently returned for her annual checkup. She started wearing glasses when she was five and has a family history of myopia. Her mother was concerned because KH’s vision was getting […]

By Jennifer Lee, O.D IB is a 7-year old female who came in for a consultation in September of 2017. After a thorough exam and discussion with the family, she started on our custom-designed overnight contact lenses. She was successful and motivated to get the contacts in and out on her own. Over several months […]

Kids today experience the world differently than we did. Digital devices and books change where and how they spend their time. We know myopia (nearsightedness) in kids is on the rise and increases the risk of serious eye diseases. This Washington Post article shows that outdoor time may also be helpful to prevent the onset of myopia […]

Myopia Update August 2017 – by Dr. G. Vike Vicente Dr. Vicente is a Pediatric Ophthalmologist at Eye Doctors of Washington. In addition to his work at EDOW, Dr. Vicente is an assistant clinical professor in ophthalmology and pediatrics at Georgetown University Hospital, a visiting professor at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, and a volunteer physician at […]

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