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The digital world has transformed our lives, but the effects of tech aren’t always positive for kids. By limiting your child’s screen time, you help your child to experience the many benefits. As a parent, you should be mindful of how much time your child spends on devices. You might be wondering, how can a […]

Treehouse Eyes is a specialty pediatric eye care practice treating myopic children with a nationwide network of doctors placed all across the country. Our doctors are passionate about spreading awareness about the myopia epidemic and how early intervention can mean a lot for your child’s eye health. Explore some of the topics our partners covered […]

Halloween is approaching quickly and it’s time to create those photo-worthy costumes – but we want to ensure an eye infection isn’t a part of the ensemble. October is Halloween Eye Safety Month and below we have some helpful tips on how to make sure your child’s Halloween costume doesn’t leave complications for your kids […]

Myopia, often referred to as nearsightedness, is an eye disease in which the eye elongates, causing light to be focused in front of the retina instead of on the retina’s surface. Essentially, your child’s eye is growing too long. Because the eye elongates and grows with the rest of the body, naturally, it stops elongating […]

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a common vision issue distant objects become blurry. It is a phenomenon that occurs when the shape of the eye results in light rays refracting incorrectly, thereby focusing images in front of the retina rather than on the retina. It is a common eye condition that can affect both […]

Myopia is a common eye condition that can affect children between the ages of 6 to 14, so much so that it affects up to 5% of preschoolers, 9% of school-aged children, and nearly 30% of adolescents. Also known as nearsightedness, myopia results in poor, blurry distance vision. It is a phenomenon where the shape […]

Children nowadays spend more time looking at screens and less time outside playing. What’s worse, the COVID-19 pandemic has upheaved our lives and forced us to spend more time indoors. The ramifications are not just isolated to rising obesity rates. Research has shown that a decrease in daylight could actually change the ways that a […]

What is the Main Cause of Myopia?

Updated June 28, 2022

The truth is scientists and doctors are still learning about myopia and the main causes of the disease. What’s known is several factors lead a child to develop myopia, including genetic, environmental, and even socioeconomic status. Genetics  Genetics do play a role in whether or not a child will develop myopia. If a child has […]

Kids are spending increasing amounts of time on screens and less time outside playing. This is especially true with the pandemic upheaving our lives and forcing us to stay home for virtual learning or work from home. The consequences are not just limited to heightened obesity rates. Studies have shown that having less sunlight could […]

Treehouse Eyes is proud to have clinical advisors who include some of the world’s leading eye doctors involved in research and clinical care for pediatric myopia. Dr. Vance Thompson, an internationally recognized specialist in Laser Vision Correction and Advanced Cataract Surgery, recently published an article in Healio discussing the need for ophthalmologists to start paying […]

Myopia, often referred to as nearsightedness, is an eye disease in which the eye elongates more than it should, causing light to be focused in front of the retina instead of on the retina’s surface. Essentially, your child’s eye is growing too long. Because the eye elongates and grows with the rest of the body, […]

Given the rapid increase in childhood myopia being seen in the U.S., the American Academy of Ophthalmology and American Academy of Pediatrics recently updated their guidance on managing myopia in children. Both organizations now recommend children play outdoors more to delay the onset of myopia and support proactive treatment of myopic children to reduce the […]

Before discussing potential “cures” and ways to control myopia progression it is important to ensure we define it correctly. A myopic eye is one that grows too long front to back. We know this because we measure it using special equipment that calculates the length of the eye from the front (cornea) to the back […]

What Does Myopia Mean?

Updated February 1, 2022

You’ve probably heard the term myopia before. But what exactly does myopia mean? Is it a disease? How should I cure or treat myopia? If I wear glasses, will it make my myopia even worse? This article covers everything you need to know about what it means to have myopia. The Classic Definition of Myopia […]

If you or your children have myopia and it is getting worse each year, this article is for you. We will be discussing the four best ways to treat your myopia so it no longer gets worse. Everything we discuss is based on solid science and research, double-masked clinical trials, and recommendations based on mountains […]

Can Myopia Be Prevented?

Updated December 1, 2021

Parents who are nearsighted often wonder what can be done to prevent their children from developing the same or similar conditions.  While scientists haven’t yet found a way to guarantee that your child won’t develop myopia (often referred to as nearsightedness), there are things you can do to delay its onset and even prevent its […]

Dozens of parents bring their children into our practices every day for eye exams and other services, and many ask us questions about myopia. While instances and awareness of myopia are on the rise, to help spread myopia awareness we’ve written out the basics on childhood myopia, why it matters, and what you as a […]

Childhood Myopia (most often referred to as myopia or nearsightedness) affects about one in every three children in the United States and has become increasingly prevalent over the last 30 years. Myopia is an eye disease that occurs when the eye grows too long—like the shape of a football.  This causes distant objects to appear […]

The Global Myopia Awareness Coalition (GMAC) recently launched its “Little Kid License” campaign to continue to raise awareness of childhood myopia and the new treatment options available. GMAC, of which Treehouse Eyes is a member, invited junior racers to the go-kart track for an unexpected eye exam before heading out for some fun! A recent […]

Treehouse Eyes, The First and Only Health Care Business Treating Myopia in Children, Sees 30 Percent Patient Increase During Pandemic Significant Business Growth in Just Five Years Underscores Greater Need for Myopia Management   Boulder, CO. (Aug. 27, 2021) — Treehouse Eyes, the largest myopia management provider in the country, has observed a 30 percent […]

The start of a new school year can be overwhelming, even for the most confident children. That’s why parents are doing whatever they can to help their children successfully transition to the next academic grade. Below, we share our top tips for parents, so they can ensure that their child’s vision is a tool for […]

Pediatricians and Ophthalmologists agree; It’s Best to Proactively Treat Your Myopic Children Given the rapid increase in childhood myopia being seen in the U.S., the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Academy of Pediatrics recently updated their guidance on managing myopia in children. Both organizations now recommend children play outdoors more to delay the […]

Most parents are aware of the many benefits associated with children taking part in outdoor activities. The obvious benefits of fresh air and physical exercise aren’t the only perks for kids who play outdoors. Recent research shows that increased “sun time” can actually slow down the progression of myopia (often referred to as nearsightedness), or […]

What Causes Myopia?

Updated May 1, 2021

The drastic increase in the number of children diagnosed with myopia during the past decade is astonishing — but is it surprising? Not really. When you analyze the causes of myopia, it becomes clear why more and more children are becoming affected by this progressive eye disease. What Is Myopia?  Myopia, often referred to as […]

Myopia is a growing problem among children across the world, but what exactly is it and what can you as a parent do to help?  Myopia refers to an eye that is too powerful or long, and as a result causes vision to be blurred when looking at a distant object. When children are young, […]

As time goes on, chances are you probably know someone who has myopia – whether your child, a friend, family member or yourself. But how much do you really know about this progressive eye disease? Some parents expect that simply receiving a pair of glasses for their child is the only way of dealing with […]

Does Myopia Get Worse With Age?

Updated March 1, 2021

Many parents who come into our practices consider their children’s myopia as a simple vision problem that needs correction. Each time the child needs a higher prescription, they just “fix” it by buying them a new pair of glasses.  What many parents don’t realize is that myopia can actually harm a child’s eyes and vision, […]

Is your child squinting more than usual? Is she or he having difficulty reading or seeing distant objects, even if they already wear glasses or have recently had an eye exam? Optometrists throughout the country are seeing more cases of myopia than ever before due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The drastic increase […]

We meet dozens of parents and children every day who come in for eye exams, myopia treatments, and other services. During these visits, we welcome and address questions or concerns that parents have about their child’s eye health. Because certain myopia treatments include contact lens wear, many parents ask, “are myopia management contact lenses safe […]

Treehouse Eyes partners with KABOOM!

Updated December 28, 2020

Treehouse Eyes is excited to announce a new partnership with KABOOM! – a national nonprofit that works to achieve playspace equity for kids. As an organization whose mission centers around getting kids active and outdoors, KABOOM!’s mission is a great fit for Treehouse Eyes. Teaming up with local communities, KABOOM! builds incredible playspaces that help […]

Just because the weather is cooling down, it doesn’t mean that your kids should be kept indoors all winter long. In fact, there are many reasons to have them spend time outdoors, not least of which is to protect your child’s vision. Studies show that children who spend time playing outdoors in the sunshine experience […]

As a pediatric ophthalmologist, I see and treat children every day. From serious injuries that require surgery to more common infections such as conjunctivitis (pink eye), I’m used to dealing with parents rightly concerned about their child’s eye health and vision. One topic that unfortunately is not getting enough attention is childhood myopia. With over […]

I was honored recently to share my opinion on virtual learning and eye health with Education Dive, a leading news publication for K-12 and higher education. The move to virtual learning due to the pandemic has had negative consequences for kids, parents, educators, employers, and communities. What is not being discussed, and needs attention, is […]

A recent NIH-funded study shows that the use of multifocal contact lenses in myopic children can significantly slow down myopia progression—an important step in reducing the risk of developing sight-robbing eye diseases later in life.  Myopia is a disease where the eye grows too long. The symptom of myopia is nearsightedness, the inability to clearly […]

Dr. Thomas Aller, OD, FBCLA The Myopia Epidemic Myopia is an eye disease with the symptom of blurred distance vision. If myopia were limited to a small portion of the population, if it were stable over time, if it could be corrected with eyeglasses, and if it rarely caused serious eye problems, it could be […]

It’s time to treat Myopia

Updated September 9, 2020

Please read our summary of the recent mention of Treehouse Eyes in The Wall Street Journal.   In ten years, roughly 3.3 billion people will be myopic according to the World Health Organization. By 2050, it’s expected that roughly 50% of the world’s population will be myopic. These are staggering numbers for a disease that […]

Can Myopia be Cured?

Updated September 8, 2020

As an eye doctor specializing in treating myopia in children, I am excited that so many parents are becoming better informed about this issue. Recent articles in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and other consumer media outlets are driving more awareness and interest from parents looking to help their children. Myopia is a […]

Is Myopia a Disease?

Updated September 1, 2020

The World Health Organization (WHO) projects that 50% of the world’s population will have myopia by 2050, a staggering figure. Myopia significantly increases the risks of serious, sight-threatening diseases such as retinal diseases and glaucoma. We know the prevalence of myopia increased 66% in just 30 years in the U.S. alone between the early 1970s […]

With kids finally out of school, now is the time for parents to think about their child’s eyes and vision. Most children massively increased screen use during COVID-19, increasing their risk of myopia (blurry distance vision). Myopia traditionally has been thought of as a nuisance, easily corrected with glasses or contact lenses. However, as this […]

Tips for kids and screen use

Updated May 12, 2020

Parents are dealing with kids using an unprecedented amount of screens during this time. While we can’t stop online learning, there are some proven tips that can help your child use screens in a way that reduces the impact on their vision and eye health. In addition to the tips below, we always recommend kids […]

Kids across the country have started distance learning due to COVID-19. Many concerned parents have asked about the impact of more screen time and less outdoor time on their child. Parents know that outdoor time is good for kids–studies show outdoor movement helps in many areas of childhood development. We know that more outdoor time […]

Parents know that outdoor time is good for kids–studies show outdoor movement helps in many areas of childhood development. A recent analysis of 23 clinical studies confirms outdoor time helps children’s vision as well. Getting kids outdoors more is proven to be the most beneficial thing we can do to prevent or delay the onset […]

Can you prevent myopia in your child?

Updated January 30, 2020

The dramatic rise in childhood myopia (blurry distance vision) in recent years has driven robust discussion over the cause.. This article in Economist about myopia in China shows just how mainstream this topic has become. Parents seeking myopia treatment for their child at Treehouse Eyes often ask what they can do for younger children . […]

  For most people myopia (blurry distance vision) is a nuisance easily fixed with glasses or contact lenses. While myopia can be easily compensated for to see clearly, what most people don’t realize is myopia significantly increases the risks of serious eye diseases such as retinal disease and glaucoma. Now that there are effective treatments […]

  Another great article today appeared in USA today detailing the rise of myopia in children. This article interviews parents whose children are becoming nearsighted earlier and faster than their parents. The article correctly discusses lack of outdoor time as a driver for earlier onset of myopia, and more near work (reading, screen time) also […]

  One of the many reasons to bring your child to Treehouse Eyes for myopia treatment is our technology. Customizing a treatment plan unique to each child requires the latest technology to map the front surface of the eye, take pictures of the back of the eye and determine the length of the eye (axial […]

Case study: Year 2 results for swimmer KH

Updated November 11, 2019

By Dr. Kevin Chan, O.D. FAAO   KH is a 9-year-old girl of Indian descent who came to Treehouse Eyes for myopia (nearsightedness) treatment in December 2016 and recently returned for her annual checkup. She started wearing glasses when she was five and has a family history of myopia. Her mother was concerned because KH’s vision was […]

By Jennifer Lee, O.D IB is a 7-year old female who came in for a consultation in September of 2017. After a thorough exam and discussion with the family, she started on our custom-designed overnight contact lenses. She was successful and motivated to get the contacts in and out on her own. Over several months […]

Kids today experience the world differently than we did. Digital devices and books change where and how they spend their time. We know myopia (nearsightedness) in kids is on the rise and increases the risk of serious eye diseases. This Washington Post article shows that outdoor time may also be helpful to prevent the onset of myopia […]

Myopia Update August 2017 – by Dr. G. Vike Vicente Dr. Vicente is a Pediatric Ophthalmologist at Eye Doctors of Washington. In addition to his work at EDOW, Dr. Vicente is an assistant clinical professor in ophthalmology and pediatrics at Georgetown University Hospital, a visiting professor at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, and a volunteer physician at […]

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