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Treehouse Eyes partners with KABOOM!

Updated December 28, 2020

Treehouse Eyes is excited to announce a new partnership with KABOOM! – a national nonprofit that works to achieve playspace equity for kids. As an organization whose mission centers around getting kids active and outdoors, KABOOM!’s mission is a great fit for Treehouse Eyes. Teaming up with local communities, KABOOM! builds incredible playspaces that help […]

Just because the weather is cooling down, it doesn’t mean that your kids should be kept indoors all winter long. In fact, there are many reasons to have them spend time outdoors, not least of which is to protect your child’s vision. Studies show that children who spend time playing outdoors in the sunshine experience […]

As a pediatric ophthalmologist, I see and treat children every day. From serious injuries that require surgery to more common infections such as conjunctivitis (pink eye), I’m used to dealing with parents rightly concerned about their child’s eye health and vision. One topic that unfortunately is not getting enough attention is childhood myopia. With over […]

I was honored recently to share my opinion on virtual learning and eye health with Education Dive, a leading news publication for K-12 and higher education. The move to virtual learning due to the pandemic has had negative consequences for kids, parents, educators, employers, and communities. What is not being discussed, and needs attention, is […]

A recent NIH-funded study shows that the use of multifocal contact lenses in myopic children can significantly slow down myopia progression—an important step in reducing the risk of developing sight-robbing eye diseases later in life.  Myopia is a disease where the eye grows too long. The symptom of myopia is nearsightedness, the inability to clearly […]

Dr. Thomas Aller, OD, FBCLA The Myopia Epidemic Myopia is an eye disease with the symptom of blurred distance vision. If myopia were limited to a small portion of the population, if it were stable over time, if it could be corrected with eyeglasses, and if it rarely caused serious eye problems, it could be […]

It’s time to treat Myopia

Updated September 9, 2020

Please read our summary of the recent mention of Treehouse Eyes in The Wall Street Journal. To read the article in full, click here.   In ten years, roughly 3.3 billion people will be myopic according to the World Health Organization. By 2050, it’s expected that roughly 50% of the world’s population will be myopic. […]

Can Myopia be Cured?

Updated September 8, 2020

As an eye doctor specializing in treating myopia in children, I am excited that so many parents are becoming better informed about this issue. Recent articles in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and other consumer media outlets are driving more awareness and interest from parents looking to help their child. Myopia is a […]

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