When parents learn about the power of myopia control and we begin discussing the recommended treatment for their child, the two most frequently asked questions are how much does it cost, and what are the eye health benefits – when compared to just getting stronger and stronger glasses? There are two things to consider here–economic costs, and eye health costs.

Here’s a recap of the discussion we have with our parents to help them make the most informed decision about their child’s eye health.

Economic Cost of Glasses

As all parents know, losing or breaking glasses is a problem for all children. In addition, most children will need stronger lenses every year or two as their vision deteriorates, plus the added cost of new frames to keep up with the latest styles. For a child that starts to wear glasses at age 9, parents can easily spend $2,400 or more on glasses alone over the next few years given the average cost of frames and lenses can be around $300 each. If the child decides to get contact lenses or needs safety glasses for sports, those costs go up even more.

With myopia control treatment our goal is to slow or even stop the progression of their myopia, so we can reduce the dependence on stronger glasses. In addition, many children are good candidates for treatment that eliminates the need to wear glasses during the day, so there is less chance of breaking or losing glasses at school or activities.

Eye Health Costs

The area where myopia control wins hands-down over just getting stronger glasses is in the numerous eye health benefits to your child.  Most eye health experts now believe the long-term health benefits are practically immeasurable. Here are the top three –

  • Better vision improves quality of life and intellectual development. 80% of all information absorbed by our youngsters comes through their eyes.
  • A significantly reduced likelihood of eye disease, including glaucoma, macular degeneration and detached retina. Studies show any level of myopia increases the risk of serious eye disease.
  • Slowing or stopping your child’s myopia’s progression makes them a better candidate for refractive eye surgery like LASIK when they are adults.

As you can see, the comparative benefits of myopia control over just getting glasses for your youngster are compelling – from a cost, convenience and – most importantly – long-term eye health standpoint.

We believe so strongly in the power of myopia control to change your child’s life for the better, we’re offering complimentary evaluations at our offices in the DC Metro area. Please email us at info@treehouseeyes.com, or reach call our Bethesda office at 240-297-1017 or Tysons office at 703-991-2766 to schedule your child’s free assessment.