by Dr. Kevin Chan, OD, MS, FAAO

Why They Visited Treehouse Eyes

KB is a 16-year-old who first visited Treehouse Eyes in August 2016. She was referred to me by a local optometrist who noticed “some changes in her prescription”. Like many kids, KB did not want to wear glasses. She was able to see and function “generally well except glare and fatigue at night time”. KB is a diligent student and wishes to become an engineer or an astronaut one day. The optometrist referred to Treehouse Eyes because we focus exclusively on treating childhood myopia and have many options to treat children.

Exam Results

The consultation results showed that KB has a unique prescription – she has hyperopia (i.e. farsightedness) and astigmatism in one eye; myopia (i.e. nearsightedness) and astigmatism in the other eye. She sees fairly well without glasses because her farsightedness helps her maintain generally good binocular vision during the day. However, the farsighted eye eventually fatigues after long hours of active daily routines. As a result, KB experiences intermittent blurry vision and eye strain after long hours of studying.


Due to her relatively low prescription in each eye, KB preferred to have an option of wearing contact lenses occasionally. I discussed with KB and her mother that the increasing visual demands at distance and near without correction would likely make her myopia and functional vision deteriorate in the long run. Therefore, I recommended custom soft daytime contact lenses for KB. This solution is intended to help improve her functional vision and stop her myopia from getting worse.

Results So Far

The first set of custom lenses provided good vision, but were a little loose so created some awareness of them. I made some adjustments and ordered new lenses and now her aided vision with the contacts is very good for the whole day. At her last check her myopia had not gotten any worse which was great to see. I will see KB again in 3 months to check her myopia and also ensure her overall vision remains good and meets her intense vision needs.

About Treehouse Eyes
Our goal is to help treat children and teenagers with myopia beyond prescribing stronger and stronger glasses each year. Glasses compensate for vision issues, but don’t treat the underlying condition of myopia. As myopia gets worse, the risk of serious eye diseases goes up significantly so it is important to treat it early. Custom daytime contact lenses are just one of the tools we can use to help your child. Learn more at and schedule a complimentary consultation for Bethesda (240) 297-1017 or Tysons Corner (703) 991-2766.