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Celebrating 2 years of helping children! Updated August 21, 2018

From an idea in co-founder Dr. Gary Gerber’s head, Treehouse Eyes is now celebrating our 2-year anniversary of helping nearsighted children. Learn more about how we got here and our future plans as we continue to focus on giving children all over the world better vision for life.

First Myopia Awareness Coalition meeting Updated June 24, 2018

We were excited to participate in the first ever Myopia Awareness Coalition meeting i n Denver on June 19th. This meeting gathered 33 eye care industry leaders to discuss ways to increase public awareness of the childhood myopia epidemic and associated eye health risks. See the full write-up for some of the ideas discussed, there was a lot of passion in the room to do more as an industry to increase public knowledge of childhood myopia.

Leading the way on childhood myopia treatment Updated April 25, 2018

Our Treehouse Eyes doctors were asked to present at the recent industry Vision By Design meeting, one of the premier meetings globally dedicated to myopia (nearsightedness) and treatment options. Dr. Kevin Chan and our co-founder Dr. Gerber shared our experience at Treehouse Eyes and encouraged other eye doctors to offer treatment to all myopic children.

Using the latest technology to care for your child Updated April 6, 2018

Our doctors use the latest technology to help care for your child’s vision and eye health. Read about how the Pentacam® AXL is used to measure the length of your child’s eye, and why this is critical in treating myopia. Using this technology not available at most practices helps our doctors provide the best care possible for your child.

Educating parents and doctors about childhood myopia Updated March 21, 2018

Education is one key focus area for Treehouse Eyes, helping both parents and other doctors understand the eye health risks associated with myopia and treatment options available. This blog post shares our recent efforts to educate other eye doctors about the myopia issue and our support for common sense legislation in Maryland to provide guidelines for the use of digital devices in schools.

Case study: Customizing treatment for a struggling 7 year old Updated February 20, 2018

What do you do when a patient is doing great in her myopia treatment and then suddenly isn’t? Our latest case study from Dr. Jennifer Lee highlights how we customize a treatment plan for each child, and ensure that plan works clinically and for that child’s lifestyle needs.

Case study: Avid 9yo swimmer KH amazing results at annual visit Updated February 14, 2018

Highly myopic KH returned recently for her annual visit after starting myopia treatment at Treehouse Eyes. Not only does she have 20/20 vision without glasses or contacts during the day, more importantly her myopia has not gotten worse. Read her case from Dr. Chan and see if myopia treatment may be right for your child.

Kids and screen time: lessons from Screenagers Updated December 13, 2017

One worry all parents share–what is the impact of screen time on my kids? The documentary Screenagers takes a hard look at this question and offers practical advice for parents and families struggling with growing up in the digital age. We recently sponsored a viewing of Screenagers at Washington Episcopal School in Bethesda. Learn more about the event and the link between screen time and myopia in children.

More studies confirm effectiveness of new myopia treatments Updated November 30, 2017

There are multiple treatment options to slow or stop the progression of myopia in children. Knowing which one is right for your child is the focus of our doctors. New research on various treatments is constantly being published globally, and our doctors stay on top of it to ensure they offer you the right option for your child. The latest low-dose atropine study comes from ophthalmologists in Israel, a two-year study which showed no side effects or discomfort and excellent efficacy using various concentrations of atropine as an eye drop in myopic children.

Nearsightedness in kids might be lessened by time outdoors Updated November 27, 2017

Kids today experience the world differently than we did. Digital devices and books change where and how they spend their time. We know myopia (nearsightedness) in kids is on the rise and increases the risk of serious eye diseases. This Washington Post article shows that outdoor time may also be helpful to prevent the onset of myopia in children. Our doctors constantly review research into childhood myopia to develop recommendations and solutions for your child.

Case study: 13 year old basketball player needs help Updated November 20, 2017

When progressive myopia starts impacting what a child loves to do, it is nice to know there are options beyond stronger glasses. Read our latest case study of I.M., who has worked with Dr. Chan to treat his myopia and be free of glasses to enjoy life.

Why I started Treehouse Eyes by Dr. Gary Gerber, OD Updated September 12, 2017

As Treehouse Eyes hits the 1-year mark of serving children and families, Dr. Gary Gerber, co-founder, reflects on why he started Treehouse Eyes and the path forward to make these treatments available to more children.

Myopia Update from Dr. G. Vike Vicente, Pediatric Ophthalmologist Updated August 28, 2017

Dr. G. Vike Vicente, pediatric ophthalmologist in the Washington DC area, provides an update on why more children are becoming nearsighted and new treatment options available to help them. Dr. Vicente was kind enough to allow us to share this update as part of our ongoing effort to educate parents and caregivers about this issue and let them know they finally have options to help these children.

Case study: First annual follow-up assessment with EM Updated July 21, 2017

As Treehouse Eyes approaches our first year of serving families and treating myopia in metro-DC, we’re starting to have our earliest kids come back for their annual follow-up and treatment plan update. Our first follow-up is EM, learn about how she is doing (great!) in her custom KIDS lenses that are treating her myopia and allowing her to be glasses and contacts free during the day!

Case study: Rapid myopia progression in a teenager Updated July 11, 2017

Myopia can accelerate quickly during childhood. Read about PM, a 14-year old girl whose myopia increased 8 diopters in just a few years. Her parents heard about Treehouse Eyes, and after a comprehensive assessment she was fit in custom soft contact lenses, freeing her from glasses during the day and helping slow or even stop her myopia from getting worse.

Why aren’t we treating childhood myopia? Updated June 27, 2017

Despite almost weekly new studies confirming the growth of myopia, most parents and the public in general remain unaware of this health issue. Importantly, parents aren’t aware that increasing myopia increases their child’s risk of serious eye disease, and that there are now treatments for their child that can slow or even stop the progression of myopia. Read our latest blog post about why myopia continues to fly under the radar screen, and what we can do about it.

The importance of early eye exams for children Updated June 2, 2017

Numerous studies continue to confirm our children’s vision is getting worse at younger ages. This is due to lifestyle changes as kids spend more time reading and on devices and less time outdoors. Read more about the importance of early eye exams for children, and the latest study from USC showing visual impairment in preschool children is projected to rise 26% in the coming years.

Summer: The perfect time for myopia control Updated May 18, 2017

Summer is rapidly approaching! Learn in our latest post why it is the perfect time to consider treating your child’s myopia. Children usually require a few visits when starting their myopia treatment, so it is a great time when school is out to work it into your family’s summer schedule.

Case Study: Eye strain and rapid myopia progression in one eye Updated May 16, 2017

Myopia in children can progress rapidly. Read the case study about NS, a 10-year old who suddenly had trouble with eye strain in just one eye and struggled concentrating and doing some of his favorite activities. His mom found Treehouse Eyes researching the internet, and now NS is seeing 20/20 without glasses and able to enjoy his life to the fullest.

An optician and mom’s experience at Treehouse Eyes Updated May 9, 2017

We were thrilled when a local optician and mom, Christine, trusted Treehouse Eyes to care for her child. Her child’s myopia (nearsightedness) was getting worse, and she knew that increased the risk of serious eye disease. In this blog post and video, Christine talks about her experience at Treehouse Eyes, and why she decided to treat her child’s myopia instead of just getting stronger glasses every year.

Eye Exams vs. Vision Screenings – A Major Difference Updated May 1, 2017

Many parents that see our doctors comment they are surprised that their child is already myopic and it wasn’t caught at a vision screening at school or with a pediatrician. Vision screenings are a great tool, but not a replacement for a comprehensive eye exam for your child. Up to 11% of children pass a vision screening, yet still have a vision or eye health issue that requires treatment. Learn more about the difference here and ensure your child has a comprehensive eye exam at an early age and frequently.

Case Study: 10 year boy delighted with his overnight lenses Updated April 25, 2017

Our favorite items to share are case studies from the families we serve. LS is an active and energized 10 year old whose increasing myopia concerned his mother and limited his activities. He was referred by another eye doctor in the area to Dr. Chan at Treehouse Eyes. Learn about his delight when successfully fit with custom overnight lenses to treat his myopia and enable him to be glasses free to live his life to the fullest.

Why Eye Doctor’s Are Treating Their Own Children – Nora’s experience Updated April 17, 2017

What do eye doctors know that most parent’s don’t? Read why Dr. Nate is treating his daughter Nora’s myopia with custom overnight lenses. Thank you to Dr. Nate at Bright Eyes in Tampa for sharing his experience, and look for more in this series as eye doctors concerned for their own children are starting myopia control treatment to help them.

Patient Story: Using custom soft contact lenses for a 16 year old Updated April 11, 2017

How do you treat a 16 year old with intense visual demands who doesn’t want to wear glasses? Read here how we are using custom daytime contact lenses to provide better vision every day, and reducing the risk of myopia getting worse.

5 Surprisingly Cool Ideas for Outdoor Play Updated March 22, 2017

Our patient families inspired us so we’ll inspire you. With springtime here and summer on way, let’s get those kids off their screens and outside to play. Read our blog post and check the 5 ideas here.

Kids and Light: Why Outdoor Matters Updated March 14, 2017

As Daylight Savings Time kicks back in, we recap an important article pointing to the critical role violet light plays in keeping our kids from becoming another myopia statistic. Read our recap and link to the full article here.

Just Getting Glasses – No longer good enough Updated Match 10, 2017

For moms & dads of myopes we share this blog post from renowned researcher, scientist and practicing optometrist Dr. Thomas Aller OD. Doctor Tom makes a compelling case for what parents can finally do when “just getting glasses is no longer good enough” for their nearsighted kids. Read his post here.

Myopia & Heredity: No More DNA Guilt Updated March 1, 2017

Too many of the parents who bring their children to Treehouse Eyes suffer from a sort of DNA guilt. They feel that, since they were nearsighted, their kids are fated to be also. If that’s you, there’s good news: you can stop beating yourself up and you can do something about their myopia. Read the blog post here.

Military Career Dreams & Your Nearsighted Child Updated February 23, 2017

As the myopia epidemic continues to surge, one Air Force veteran optometrist warns of yet another depressing outcome – if your child is dreaming of a career in uniform, their myopia could get in the way of their dreams becoming reality. Read today’s important blog post from Dr. Chuck Beatty LtCol (USAF), OD, FAAO  here.

From Screen-time to Sunshine – Myopia Crisis Coverage in the News Updated February 17, 2017

In just the past few months major news organizations from the New York Times and  Washington Post, to CBS News, NPR and Fox5DC have all reported on two factors deemed to be contributing to the surging myopia epidemic among American kids – too much screen-time and not enough sunshine. We’ve curated the top stories here to help parents understand what’s going on and what they can do about.

“Just Getting Glasses” – No longer good enough  Updated February 16, 2017

The biggest news in vision health is pretty big – the emerging ‘standard of care’ is no longer just getting glasses for children with myopia. It’s myopia control. Read about this step change in care in this blog post from national myopia expert Dr. Thomas Aller, Optometrist.

A Treehouse Eyes Special Valentine Updated February 14, 2017

At Treehouse Eyes, it really is all about the young eyes we care for. Our special Valentine offers the Top 10 Reasons we love eyes. The first 9 might surprise you — but we’re guessing the top reason won’t… Read and share our Valentine’s message here.

Vitamin D – The Missing Vitamin in our Kids Updated February 9, 2017

Two alarming statistics start off our post on vitamin D deficiency – the number of children with vitamin D deficiency has risen 200% in just 5 years and 70% of children ages 6-11 are deficient in vitamin D. Learn what’s going on and what you can do about it here.

Myopia Crisis for Asian Children Updated February 1, 2017

Research studies continue to confirm the alarming increase in myopia rates among children of Asian descent.  Our blog post here features one of our Asian American patient families with the dad proudly explaining, “Other kids get thicker glasses – that’s not the case with my sons.”

The Trouble With Glasses  Updated January 26, 2017 

Multiple research studies of young children find a surprising range of reasons why young kids prefer contacts lenses over glasses. Find out their top reasons and more insights in today’s blog post, The Trouble With Glasses, here.

NY Times Coverage – Myopia and the Sun Updated January 24, 2017

In case you missed the NY Times article this past Sunday on myopia’s connection to lack of sun and outdoor play, we recap it here and link to the full story. A new study of 3,000 adults points to strong evidence of a connection between lack of outdoor time as a kid and the development of myopia.

Kids and Glasses: A Treehouse Eyes Case Study  Updated January 19, 2017

Our Treehouse Eyes Dr. Kevin Chan knows the problem deeply – each day parents tell him of the problems, anxieties and even dangers their kids live with wearing glasses. He wrote this case study about one recent Treehouse Eyes patient whose story was the same. Read how her life changed after treatment here.

Growing Up Indoors: The Myopia Generation  Updated January 16, 2017

We see every day the effects of so little outdoor play for our children, a generation growing up indoors with their screens.  In this post we explore some of the causes behind the surge in myopia and ways parents can help keep their kids from becoming part of the statistics.

Washington Family Magazine – Mom Review of Treehouse Eyes  Update December 28, 2016

When Jennifer Adeli saw a post about Treehouse Eyes and myopia control in her Facebook feed, she probably didn’t realize the journey it would spark and the almost immediate results in her eight year old daughter’s improved vision. Read our recap of her “Mom Review” from the upcoming January issue of Washington Family Magazine.

Myopia Control – The Hottest Topic in Eyecare  Update December 22, 2016

Today’s offers highlights and insights from an extraordinary “wake-up call-to-arms” from an optometrist who saw the light about myopia control to his colleagues everywhere. Parents will be particularly inspired by his passion for education – and change.

DC Moms Visits Treehouse Eyes  Updated December 19, 2016

We were excited to have Sandie Angulo Chen, the editor-in-chief of DC Moms and her two children in last week to our Bethesda office. In our blog post recap of Sandie’s visit, we recap a helpful checklist for telling whether your child is a good candidate for the full Treehouse Eyes vision screening. Read more here.

Parents on VR: What Kids See When They Can’t See the Board  Updated December 15, 2016

Don’t miss watching and sharing the short, must-see video from a recent ThinkAboutYourEyes article. The video depicts parents who experienced a VR simulation of what kids with vision problems see when they can’t see the board.  Our blog post provides key take-aways for concerned parents, including one of the more painful insights: kids who suffer vision problems like myopia don’t even realize the diminished world they see “isn’t normal”.

Learning Problems and Vision Health  Updated December 12, 2016

80% of what our children learn in school is visually based. This means that learning problems can often be complicated by, or mistaken for, vision problems. In this post we offer parents actionable information from both health and education experts about diagnosing and treating whatever is causing a seeming learning problem.

Hip Mama Visit Treehouse Eyes  Updated December 8, 2016

Our first post is about Jocelyn Brown, Founder and Editor of Hip Mama’s Place and her visit to Treehouse to learn about the myopia epidemic and lifestyle tips for strengthening our kids eyes as well as the revolutionary Treehouse Vision System to treat myopic children.