We’re parents too, and know the value in hearing the first person stories from other parents with myopic kids.

Below are the stories of families with myopic children and the doctors who’ve applied the treatment methods we use here at Treehouse Eye to help them slow or stop myopia’s progress. We invite you to add your story to theirs, by making an appointment for your child today.

The experiences below are typical for patients treated with the Treehouse Vision SystemTM, results for individual children may vary.

Patient Stories

Mom of two, ages 10 and 7
“After experiencing myopia myself, I brought my son and daughter in for treatment so that they wouldn’t have to suffer with increasingly bad eyesight the way I did. After six months, the progress was remarkable. My son showed dramatically less myopia progression than in his previous six months, but his sister did even better by having an actual reduction in her myopia.”
Dad of 9-year old daughter

“My daughter had a history of rapid myopia progression of -2 increase over the past 15 months. The doctor recommended an initial approach with one treatment, but her myopia continued to worsen. We switched to a combination treatment that was still easy for our lifestyle, and were able to have no change in her myopia since the adjustment.”


Mom of 11-year-old

“My daughter is very athletic and competes in triathlons, so it was important that her myopia treatment provide good vision during the day without wearing lenses. We used a specialized treatment to control her myopia and have seen a tremendous impact.”

Doctor Forum

Thomas Aller, O.D.
“I’ve been studying myopia in children for over 25 years as a practicing optometrist. Moderate to severe myopia doesn’t just mean stronger glasses every year, it increases the risk of more serious, sight-threatening diseases related to the lengthening of the eye and the thinning of the retina. I believe every child should be examined no later than age 5 to see if myopia is developing, and we now have innovative treatment options that can dramatically limit the amount of myopia they develop during their lifetime.”
Jeffrey Cooper, O.D.
“It is clear from all the data that myopia is reaching epidemic proportions, with a 60% increase in incidence in the last 30 years in the U.S. This increase makes it clear that environmental factors, such as lack of outdoor time and increased near work, have a role to play in myopia development in children. In my clinical practice, I’ve been treating myopia to limit its’ progression for over 20 years. Given the long term vision risks associated with higher levels of myopia, I believe it is important that parents are educated about proven options for their children. Recent clinical studies show innovative, non-invasive treatments can significantly limit the progression of myopia in children.”
Erin Stahl, M.D.
“In my pediatric ophthalmology practice, I see hundreds of children with a variety of vision needs every month. The types of treatment Treehouse Eyes doctors offer are non-invasive, and supported by strong evidence of their efficacy and safety. Most ophthalmologists, like mine, have busy practices, so often it is difficult to recommend and provide the types of customized treatments Treehouse Eyes will provide. I’m excited there will finally be a place dedicated to providing this type of needed service for children with myopia.”
Vance Thompson, M.D.

“As an ophthalmologist specializing in refractive surgery, I’ve grown concerned about the rising incidence and severity of myopia in children. Traditional treatments using glasses and contact lenses correct vision, but don’t treat the underlying condition. I was excited when Treehouse Eyes was started, as it is clear there are clinically proven treatments available that can help slow or stop the progression of myopia in children. Treehouse Eyes is the first to offer a service that just focuses on myopia in children, and treating that underlying condition. This innovative treatment means we can offer parents an option for their child’s myopia besides the status quo of stronger glasses every year.”