Important research studies have focused on understanding our ability to predict which children are more likely to become myopic (nearsighted) and when should we recommend routine testing for myopia. A recent study was published which tracked almost 2,000 first graders, trying to determine the role of heredity in determining the age of onset and then the eventual degree of myopia.

As we think about these studies we are reminded of the question we get asked frequently – “Which myopic kids are candidates for myopia treatment?”

The landmark study we note above (whose lead author is the Dean of the Ohio State University, School of Optometry, Karla Zadnik, OD, PhD) points out what we at Treehouse Eyes already know – that as kids continue to get less hyperopic, they are heading towards myopia.

That means that when your eye doctor sees your child for the first time and determines their refractive error is -0.50, (learn more about refractive error here) odds are that they were previously a low hyperope and are therefore probably already progressing.

Our years of experience treating myopic kids has taught us that nearly all myopic kids, regardless of their degree of myopia or age, continue to get more myopic. It’s only a question of “when and by how much?”

What remains most important to us is this: the overwhelming amount of research and treatment data continues shows that the sooner myopia treatment begins, the better it works.  Therefore, given that nearly all myopic kids progress, regardless of Rx, and treatments work better on younger patients, the question of “Who is a candidate for treatment?” is easiest to answer with, “All myopic kids – regardless of age or Rx.”

Early testing combined with the type of myopia control treatment methods practiced here at Treehouse Eyes offers our young patients and their parents a true alternative to just getting glasses.

We believe so strongly in the power of myopia control that we are offering new patient families complimentary myopia treatment evaluations to see if our Treehouse Vision System protocol is right for their child.

Please contact us here to schedule your child’s complementary evaluation.