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Child with nearsightedness?
Do more - with myopia management.

Worried about your child’s myopia, a.k.a. nearsightedness? You’re not alone. That’s why more parents are choosing myopia management for their children.

It’s estimated that 1 in 3 children have myopia. Since COVID-19, children are spending more time indoors & using screens, leading to an unprecedented increase in myopia cases.

Unfortunately, glasses by themselves won’t prevent long-term risks. Glasses temporarily correct vision, but myopia will only get worse, meaning stronger prescriptions every year, expensive eyewear… and higher risk for eye disease.

Tomasino Goerss Vision Source

Myopia’s symptoms are worth addressing.

Myopia’s symptoms get in your child’s way. These include lower quality of life and functioning, including books and screens. The most common symptoms of progressive nearsightedness lead to:

  • Struggling in academics
  • Underperforming in athletics
  • Difficulty in social situations
  • Stronger vision prescriptions
  • More frequent eyewear updates

These signs in your child could indicate potential risks for eye health issues later in life. If you have any concerns, we’re here to help.

“Had I known what a difference treatment could have in the first year I would have done it earlier.”

Parent of Treehouse Eyes Patient
Child looking at glasses

Every year, more parents choose myopia management.

It’s a story we hear all the time at Treehouse Eyes. That’s because myopia management doesn’t just correct vision today, it can slow, or even halt, myopia’s progression.

But because glasses are relatively passive solutions, and even eye care professionals may recommend stronger glasses, it’s not well known that it offers both short-term vision correction and long-term eye health protection.

We believe in proven solutions - and the numbers don’t lie.

At Treehouse Eyes, we’ve been able to stop the progression of myopia in 78% of children in their first year of our treatment.

But myopia management is about more than just seeing better. It’s about a child’s well-being. The tools they need to succeed in the classroom, on the field, or with their friends.

That’s why the doctors at Treehouse Eyes are trained in the latest methods of myopia management and are here to work with you to build your treatment plan.

The right plan reduces myopia and future eye health risks - backed by our Treehouse Vision System™, trusted by more doctors and parents - choose us every year!

Child squinting at laptop screen
Child in glasses smiling

When a child has myopia, being proactive matters.

Myopia management is most effective in improving long-term outcomes when a child starts treatment while their eyes are still developing.

That’s why Treehouse Eyes offers proven, non-surgical treatments to slow or even stop the progression of myopia in children.

Don’t wait for this window to close. Book a free virtual consultation and get an expert’s opinion on your child’s myopia.

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Our Team

Dr. Robert Goerss

Dr. Robert Goerss joined Tomasino Goerss Vision Source upon graduation from the University of Missouri St. Louis College of Optometry in 2001 and quickly built a successful practice. Dr. Goerss became a full partner with Dr. Tomasino in January 2009 and the practice became Iverson-Tomasino-Goerss Eyecare Associates. Clinical experience includes rotations at both the John Cochran and Jefferson Barracks VA hospitals, assisting with the eyecare needs of the St. Louis Rams and St. Louis Blues, and developing skills in fitting specialty contact lenses and focusing on the latest technology in the treatment of ocular disease. He is a Past-President of the St. Louis Optometric Society and is an active member of the Missouri Optometric Association and American Optometric Association. Dr. Goerss has presented the latest ophthalmic technology on behalf of Alcon Laboratories, Ciba Vision, and Vistakon. He was given the 2004 Young Optometrist Of The Year Award by the Missouri Optometric Association, and the Optometrist of the Year Award by the St. Louis Optometric Society in 2011.

Dr. Jacqueline Ladd

Patient Reviews


Just completed initial visit for our youngest daughter for myopia care. We have been with Treehouse for nearly 5 years for our older daughter’s eyecare. We have been pleased with the results for our older daughter and look forward to working with them to help our youngest.


The initial consultation … was so comprehensive, the doctor took the time to answer all of my questions and made me confident in starting treatment. Right away we saw an improvement in Taylor’s confidence in school and in sports. Now three years later, she is still doing great. As parents we know that by committing to myopia treatment for her we can help her now and also give her options that we never had as a child.


From my first phone encounter to my daughters first visit, to her current myopia management care, this office has exceeded my expectations. My daughter has sever myopia and I feel blessed to have found Treehouse Eyes. I feel hopeful we will be able to manage her condition in the best way possible. Thank you!