In an upcoming Washington Family Magazine “Mom Review”, Jennifer A. tells the story of her ‘ah-ha’ moment, discovering myopia control at Treehouse Eyes.

Jennifer writes, “I learned about Treehouse Eyes in a Facebook post from a local news channel.  After watching the segment, I jumped online and started researching.  I learned that myopia (commonly known as nearsightedness) control methods had been around for a long time (“why didn’t our eye doctor mention this option to us? Argh….”) and that Treehouse Eyes was dedicated solely to using myopia control for children.”

This discovery led Jennifer to make an appointment for her almost-eight year old daughter who started wearing glasses in 1st grade. Like too many children, her daughter’s myopia was worsening at an alarming pace. As Jennifer writes, “At that rate, I knew that eventually she would have a very strong prescription (like mom – sigh…), and that for the rest of her life she would be stuck with glasses, contacts, LASIK or all three.”

Jennifer herself was diagnosed with myopia when she was a little girl and had long worried that her kids would suffer the same fate. We had to smile when we read her line about discovering Treehouse Eyes and the promise of myopia control – “If my mother had this option for me in the 70s she would’ve certainly done it”. Jennifer feels clearly excited about being empowered to do for her kids what her mom couldn’t do for her.

Jennifer’s review is a testament to the many parents who come to Treehouse Eyes and discover they can offer their children a completely different vision future than was available for them. Jennifer’s happy, almost shocked surprise comes through loud and clear in her review:

“A treatment for kids that can correct and then stop or slow the worsening of their nearsightedness?!  What???  No way, I had no idea this existed!  Does this mean that I can save my daughter from what I experienced growing up, with progressively worse and worse vision (and thicker and thicker lenses)? She could play sports without glasses? Swim with great vision? See when she wakes up in the morning? Have more options than I had?  Tell me more, who do I talk to?”

One of our favorite parts of Jennifer’s ‘Mom Review’ is her description of her family’s first visit to our Treehouse Eyes Tysons Corner center.

“From the first visit at Treehouse, our experience has been fabulous.  To start, their office is decorated and appointed with a child in mind with games and toys in the lobby and a fun treehouse motif throughout with murals and décor. The exam room is very high-tech and is right off the lobby continuing the treehouse theme.

“Our initial assessment was 2 hours long (2 hours!), and include a detailed examination of my daughter’s vision and eye health and answering our questions and concerns…In more than 35 years of my own eye exams, I’ve never seen such a thorough and knowledgeable exam and was very reassured that my daughter was in good hands.”

Towards the end of Jennifer’s review, she talks about the early results of her daughter’s treatment with special ortho-K nighttime lenses. She writes, “Right away we saw an improvement in her sports and her general confidence at school.  Although she thought her glasses were cool, it is obvious to us that the independence without them is worth it.  And as parents we know that by making the commitment to myopia control we are giving her options that we never had.  The fact that we are able to give her perfect or near perfect vision without glasses or lenses and stop her vision from getting worse means that when she is an adult she will have different options than we had.”

This is the revolutionary power of myopia control at work. We are deeply heartened to hear and read these stories from our patient families and invite you to make an appointment for your child’s initial assessment – and perhaps add your family’s success story to the Adeli’s.

Keep an eye out for Jennifer’s review in the January issue of Washington Family Magazine, in the “Mom Reviews” section.