One of the great online health resources for parents is the site, produced by the America Optometric Association and the Vision Council. Recently the site shared a compelling video as part of an article educating parents about the importance of vision screening for their children.  The video depicts parents of myopic kids experiencing the extremely blurry vision their children suffer trying to learn in the classroom — through a virtual reality (VR) simulation.

One parent admitted that she “goes [to the optometrist] as an adult, but doesn’t go to the optometrist for her children.”  Another patent spoke about “how real it looked and how close it resembled the actual difficulty in seeing the board from the back of the room.” An optometrist in the video makes an important point, saying “Kids who never had an eye exam don’t understand that [blurry vision] is not normal.”


The producers of the video were motivated by some sobering facts:

  • 60 percent of parents don’t think that a comprehensive eye exam is integral to their child’s healthy checkup schedule
  • 24 percent of parents wait for their children to show signs of vision problems before taking them to an eye doctor.

Their thinking behind the video was insightful – to demonstrate to parents how the classroom actually looks for their children who suffer un-diagnosed eye problems. The ah-ha moment for each parent comes through loud and clear: undiagnosed and uncorrected vision impairment drastically impacts their child’s ability to learn in school.

The video closes with powerful guidance for parents, that early detection of vision problems can prevent possible vision loss in the future. Scientists now know that if your child has myopia, they’re already at increased risk of sight-threatening diseases like glaucoma, cataracts and detached retinas. Experts agree that early intervention is more important than ever, and our Treehouse Eyes patients and their parents know that the revolutionary Treehouse Vision System can slow and even halt myopia’s progression in their kids.

We invite you to watch this video and share it with other parents who would benefit from its powerful insights and advice. Please also add your questions, comments or concerns to the comments box below.